About Us

http://8pmsaturday.com/ a new travel community that we created :) 

It is a lifestyle network for all persons who loves travel and needs advise about their next holiday to Europe, it can be a leisure or business trips. New videos and tutorials are added weekly. You can see your favorite travel guru discuss travel, style, fashion, culture, cuisine and DIY. It can be your first time in Paris, London or it is your responsibilities to organize a VIP meeting in Rome with all the details will be discussed with our community local and expert in travel.


I’m so excited to launch my new site, which I hope will quickly become your go-to resource for everything travel, lifestyle, fashion, culture, food and more! I’m passionate about being a travel expert and introducing others how to organize and feel fabulous in their own holiday. I believe that lives can be transformed with each single day of travel, and that all of us have stronger careers, futures and better self-esteem when we feel confident and enjoy every moment in our life.

This site is special, in that it provides one unique place where I can share my tutorials, personal photos, expertise, thoughts and musings, in order to fuel an interactive conversation within an amazing community of common interests and kindred spirits.

So please, consider this site an open forum; a safe space where travel enthusiasts, fashion lovers, trendsetters, and beauty aficionados alike, can find inspiration, how-to advice, style news, easy DIY ideas, and tips—not only from me, but from each other.

I hope you will all enjoy the fact that this is not just a site for learning how to travel; it is about finding inspiration, supporting each other’s creativity, and building the lifestyle of your dreams—all with a little help from your friends!

I look forward to making new friends here, and getting to know all of you better!

Good Luck,

Katherine and 8pmsaturday Travel Team